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SE02U USB Headset



Use lightness and comfort

Soft artificial leather headset

Pickup tube microphone with anti noise function 

Suitable for the use of most telephone sets.  


    Brief introduction:

    The latest drop noise and amplification technology, omnidirectional microphone and super clean noise microphone

    match, can effectively shield the background noise sound, microphone, clear, sweet words. A curving, unbroken

    open type steel wire spring tube (call pipe) hanger. It can be directly matched with the digital or analog phone to

    save the cost of purchasing the amplifier and reduce the cost of use. This product is a professional OEM production.



    Use lightness and comfort

    345 degree rotary adjustable head card and it is not easy to break

    Soft artificial leather headset

    Answering and microphone sound loud and clear

    Pickup tube microphone with anti noise function

    Suitable for the use of most telephone sets.

    Microphone: all pointing

    Frequency response: 1000Hz

    Environmental noise: less than 60dB (A)

    Impedance of the receiver: 150 OHM

    Microphone sensitivity: 47 + 3dB

    Headphone line: 2.0M

    Ears wearing, super soft ear mats

    Use a soft headphone head

    RJ-11/DC/USB calibration module plug

    Exclusive first mute function

    Improve the effect of noise elimination

    Tags with personalized clothes

    Using ABS plastic material to reach the highest strength

    Through the top single ear, plastic head clip, ultra light design

    Neodymium magnetic field loudspeaker, providing perfect sound quality

    Gold plated contacts to ensure crystal clear voice transmission

    An economic headset customized for call center and telephone marketing




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