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IP Phone

Opptel will provide the  Gigabit, HD color, small business IP Phone and enterprise IP Phone. All SP Series IP Phone is feature-rich such as default POE support, auto provision, expansion modules and so on, and all phone is easy to manage and configure, let you operate it friendly. You can enjoy the wonderful voice quality in the communication environment,so Opptel will available the good quality phone with reasonable price.


RO404 GSM VoIP Gateway is a multi-functional and high performance product, which is designed with advanced embedded technology. RO404 is able to process traditional voice call service and internet data service and adopt new hardware and software structure, which supports up to 4 concurrent calls.

Call Center Headset

Opptel call center headsets provide quality audio with simplified and convenient design.It support the noise cancellation microphone protects callers from surrounding distraction, the single earpiece can offer superb clarity of sound. It is excellent headset, and let you more comfortable and Durable to use,and the headset can support multiple compatibility.

UC& Lync Headset

Professional unified communication USB headset


Opptel 100G CFP2 optical Transceiver integrates receiver and transmitter path on one module. In the transmit side, four lanes of serial data streams are recovered, retimed, and passed to four laser drivers. The laser drivers control four EMLs (Electric-absorption Modulated Lasers) with center wavelength of 1296 nm, 1300nm, 1305nm and 1309 nm.

Data Center

Ethernet and Telecommunication networking applications. The module supports data rates from 103.1Gbps to 111.8Gbps, which allows the module to support a wide variety of networking applications including 100GBASELR4 and OTU-4. It is offered in a cost-effective QSFP28 form factor with a standard MSA compliant interface.

Broardband Access

Single fiber bi-directional data links TX 10.3125Gbps, Burst Mode RX 10.3125Gbps application, single fiber bi-directional data links TX 1.25Gbps, BurstMode RX1.25Gbps application 


The EHS01 Wireless Headset Adapter is perfect for connecting  phones to supported wireless headsets. It is simple to use and install, and allows the user to control off-hook, talk, and on-hook modes of IP phones from the headset.
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